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The Dittons Fair – the early days


The first Fair was held in the Grounds of the Group Headquarters in Claygate Lane, Thames Ditton, on the 2nd June 1956 under the title ‘Summer Spree’. The ‘Chamber of Horrors’ staged by members of the Rover Crew was an exciting highlight of the afternoon.

1956 Dittons Fair - Summer Spree.jpg
1956 Dittons Fair.jpg
1962 Dittons Fair.jpg

The Actress Heather Sears had moved into the area and willingly accepted the invitation to open the Fair. Some years later her son Adam joined the Group as a Wolf Cub. See the Newspaper advert & picture from 8th June 1962.


The Leaders of the Group realised that by being hidden away in the Group’s Headquarters the general public was not aware of the


Dittons Fair and decided efforts should be made to be more public. An approach was made to the Local Council –Esher Urban District in those days – to hold the Annual Fair on Giggs Hill Green.


The first Dittons Fair to be held on Giggs Hill Green was on 14th June 1964. It is interesting to see that 45 years later the general layout adopted then is still being used.

At this and all subsequent Fairs has been the smell of sizzling sausages greeting the nostrils of all who passed by encouraging them to stop and enjoy the fun of the Fair..


In 1965 a Penny Black Postage Stamp was donated for the raffle:

1964 Dittons Fair.jpg

Throughout the afternoon the band of the Inns of Court and City TA Yeomanry provided music.

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